I’m a painter at heart and use a variety of brushes to create my artwork. My love for color, design, texture, light and the magical beauty of nature is what inspires me. 

I always work in layers. Sometimes I start with a photograph I’ve taken of nature or a still life I’ve created. At other times a segment from one of my paintings or drawings speaks to me. From there I use my computer to add a variety of additional elements to enhance the image. To further the creative process I do the printing of my images on my wide format printer.

My artwork is an expression of the interconnectedness of all things. Through the complexity of my layering, my intention is to share the depth and beauty of simplicity. My hope is to inspire you to see the beauty around you, celebrate the now, cherish the ones you love and feel grateful for the simple things in your life. One moment at a time.

To see my work in person, my studio is open to you by appointment. I also specialize in event photography, portraits and custom collage work.